News 2023

Melodica Workshop with David Bohn

11 November 2023 -- 08:30 PM o'clock
The composition "The Waste Land" will be discussed in the online-workshop.

Sound Installation EISSCHMELZE (world premiere)

03 October 2023 -- 12:00 AM o'clock
MUSLAB Electroacoustic Music Festival (Anthropological Museum of Contemporary Art, Guayaquil City, Ecuador)
Detailed informtion can be found at - PREMIERE POSTPONED, DETAILS WILL FOLLOW

Puls I "On the Edge" (world premiere) for piano & live-eletronics

Christiane Abt (piano) & Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson (live-electronics)
17 June 2023 -- 07:30 PM o'clock
Award ceremony with concert (Großer Saal Kulturzentrums PFL Peterstraße 3 Oldenburg)
Third prize of the Carl von Ossietzky Composing Competition 2022

Nocturne "Dryaden"

Dagmar Häusler (flute) & Volker Ignaz Schmidt (piano)
04 March 2023 -- 07:00 PM o'clock
Amateur music group "musica viva Heimsheim" ("Klösterle" Weil der Stadt)

African Suite (world premiere)

pianoduo Hayashizaki & Hagemann
-- 12:00 AM o'clock
Details to be announced